You can easily manage animals using groups in Herdwatch. This allows you to batch dose or treat animals. There are two ways to do this either by creating an animal group or by applying a quick filter.

Creating a Animal Group

>Tap on My Herd
>Tap on Groups
> Tap the Magic Wand in the top right hand corner
> Tap Add New Group
> Set your group name
> Tap Next in the top right hand corner
> Select the animals you want or use the Filter & Sort Button
>Tap Filter & Sort
> This will allow you to apply different filters on what animals you want in the group  
   Filters include: Animals born on farm, Animals bought in, Over 70 days in Herd,                                        Animals under 30 months, Breed, Sex, Age, Animal Purpose, etc.

> Tap Set Filter
> Select animals and tap Save top right hand corner.

Animal information:
Creating a group in Herdwatch allows you to update some information about that animal quickly. You can quickly update:
>Animal Purpose
>Where you purchased the animal from
>The Purchase price
>Sale Price
>Where the animal was sold to

Tip: When recording any task on Herdwatch the Filter & Sort option can be used when selecting which animals were involved in the task.

To Apply a Quick Animal Filter
Anywhere you see the "Sort and Filter" or "Filter" buttons, you can apply a quick filter to see the exact animals you want.

This view allows you to filter animals whatever way you want. 

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