Herdwatch is a powerful breeding management tool which will help you get your cows back in calf sooner.
If you record a heat observation in Herdwatch you will receive a push notification in 21 days time letting you know that the cow should be in heat today.

You will see a list of females in heat on your Watchboard. This gives you the best chance to get your cows back in calf as soon as possible.

Heat observations can be recorded easily by following these steps...

> Tap the Orange Plus Button (+) in the bottom right hand corner
> Tap Do Something Else
> Tap Breeding (Heat / Serve...)
> Tap Heat Observation
> Set your reminder in days
> Tap Next top right hand corner
> Select the animal in heat (up to 10 animals can be selected at a time)
> Tap Save

When the animal(s) is due, you will receive a push notification and she will appear in the Watchboard under Heat Due Today. So you know to keep a closer eye on her!

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