The recently revamped Breeding section is a great tool on the farm. Here I will run through the nuts and bolts of how it works.

Why setting the calving season start date is important 

In order to see the breeding records for the correct year,  you must set your calving from date at the top of the screen

  • Your calving season start date should be set as the date your first cow calved this year. 

There are 10 different views in the Breeding module each view works in the following way:

Heats By Due Date

This is a list of cows that have had a heat observation recorded for them.

No Heat/Serve since calving

This is a list of cows who have calved more than 42 days and have not had any Heat Observation or Serves  recorded.
It will identify the cows that may need attention before they go back in-calf. 

  • 42 days is the default setting but the number of days can be easily adjusted in the setting's. You can select between 15 and 99 days. 

Serves & Scans Log

This is a list of all serves and scans that have been recorded since the calving season start date.

You can filter this list by

  • Serves/Preganancy Scans
  • Sources (ICBF or Herdwatch)
  • Date  


This is a list of individual cows that have been served since the calving season start date. 

It displays a list of all cows served and how many serves each cow has received. 

To see more details of a serve a cow has got simply tap on the car.

Served last 25 days

This list quickly displays all the cows served within the last 25 days,
 it displays 

  • The number of days served
  • Date served
  • Who she was served to

Awaiting Scan

This shows all females that have been served and have not been scanned or had a calf registered to them. 


If you don't record serves in Herdwatch don't worry! We also have a button which shows a list of all breeding females so you can quickly record scan results for them too.

Scanned (empty)

This give you a list of all cows scanned not in calf.

Scanned (incalf)

This view displays cows that have been scanned in calf along with the there calving due date.

Due to calve

The shows all the cows that are due to calf next calving season based on the breeding information you have recorded. It will use either the date the cow was served or the pregnancy scanning information.


This list allows you to quickly identify the cows that have calved this calving season. 

This list shows the cow and the number of days shes calved.

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