Recording A Remedy Purchase

> On the Home screen of the app tap the Orange Plus Button(+) in the bottom right hand corner
> Tap Remedy Purchase
> Simply scan the QR/Barcode of the remedy, or select it from the list.
> Fill out the relevant information about the remedy
> Click Save in the bottom right-hand corner.

Medicine Cabinet:
When a remedy purchase is recorded in Herdwatch it is added to your virtual medicine cabinet. This tracks the quantities that you purchase and use allowing you to have complete visibility over your medicines stocks. 

Recording Withdrawal Periods:
You must record withdrawal periods in order to be compliant. When the withdrawal periods are recorded in Herdwatch, Herdwatch will calculate the milk and meat withholding period for you. 

If you record the withdrawal period during the remedy purchase then it will automatically flow down to the treatments.

Herdwatch uses days as its unit of measure so if your animal remedy shows the withholding period in hours just Round-Up to the next day.
Example: 36 hours withhold time would be recorded as 2 days in Herdwatch.

Recording an Animal treatment.

 To learn how to record an animal remedy treatment  click here.

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