As you know, calves must be registered within 27 days of birth by law, and we're here to help you do this quickly, properly and on time. Follow these steps and you'll have your calves registered in 30 seconds or less.

Before you start: Herdwatch is fully approved by Agfood (Ireland), BCMS (GB) and APHIS (Northern Ireland) for calf birth registration.  

To send a calf registration to the Agfood, BCMS or APHIS, you will need your Herdwatch 6 digit PIN, which was emailed or text to you when you joined Herdwatch (don't worry if you have lost it, you can request a new one from the PIN entry screen).

When you have entered your PIN correctly, it stays valid for 15 minutes so you don't have to enter it for every calf if you have a few lined up.

So let's get started!

> Tap the Orange Plus (+) Button.
> Tap Add Calf

>Pick the Sex

>Enter the Tag number or Scan the Tag using "Scan Tag" button

>Enter DOB

> Calving Difficulty

>Pick the Dam

Note: If you have breeding information for this Dam then Herdwatch will automatically fill the sire information.

> Enter other details if necessary such as BDGP information, Pedigree Name, Birth Weight, Genetic Dam, etc.

> Ready? Tap Save in the bottom right-hand corner. If all required details were entered, you may be asked if you want to register the calf now - but you don't have to.

> Tap "REGISTER CALF NOW", enter your PIN and we will send the details to the Dept immediately.
> You will receive a message letting you know if the registration was sent successfully or if there was any issues, which can usually be easily corrected.

ROI Herdwatch Members: You can download your breeding information from ICBF, this will bring in any historical data for your herd. If you used an AI technician to serve your cows we can automatically download all this data from ICBF.
Click here to learn how to do this.  

> If you are registering a dead calf, simply select the correct type in the Stillborn field.

> If you are registering a Dead calf without a tag click here

Now is a good time to check all the calf details are correct, including Gender and Date of Birth, as the Department doesn't allow changes once the registration is accepted (don't worry though, most mistakes can still be corrected later via a correction form)

Tip: If using AI bulls, make sure to include the bull's breed code i.e. FR2022 instead of just 2022. You can also save AI bulls into Herdwatch which will save you having to type out the AI code every-time.

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