Sometimes when trying to register a calf with the Department of Agriculture in ROI, an error will prevent the calf from being registered. Most of these errors are sent directly by the Department, so let's go through the different errors that could occur and how to rectify them.

> Before you start: In order to send a calf registration to the Dept you will need an internet connection.

Here are the most common error codes and their meaning:

> E548 - Invalid Tag Number - If you get this message it means the tag number of the calf your are trying to register is incorrect. To deal with this, double check the calf's tag number (it might be a single incorrect digit) and fix any mistakes and your calf should register fine.
Tip:You can avoid this error by simply scanning the tag number using your phone camera! When in the calf record, tap on "Scan Tag" and point to the barcode on the tag or the correct white card)

> E2734 - Unknown AI Code - If you get this error it more then likely means that the AI bull entered is wrong. Double check the AI bull code entered on the calf and fix accordingly. The code usually starts with 1 or 2 letters followed by 4 numbers e.g. FR1234 or CH4567.

> E2750G -  Paternal tag not a valid tag number - This error means the tag number of the sire used is incorrect. Double check the sire's tag number and fix any mistakes also make sure it starts with IE or 372.

> E066 - Registration Discrepancy - If you get this error it means the link between Herdwatch and Agfood needs to be updated. This can happen if the herd has recently gone into a partnership. To correct this it usually means Herdwatch has to be deselected and re-selected on

> 120A - There is a test date recorded for this animal prior to the Date Of Birth provided - This happens when the calf's Date of Birth is set to a date LATER THAN the BVD sample was sent away. To fix this, the Date of Birth will have to be set to a date prior to when date the BVD samples were sent away.

If any of these mistakes are stopping you from registering a calf, here is how you can edit the calf details:

> Go to Compliance
> Go to Calves to Register
> Tap on the calf you can't register
> Tap the 3 dots menu in the top right hand corner
> Tap Edit - correct any mistakes
> Tap Save - in the bottom right-hand corner
> Register Your Calf

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