Follow the steps below and you'll have your cattle treatments recorded in no time. 

Before you start: For full compliance with animal remedies recording regulations, you must record treatments AND purchases, but don't worry, Herdwatch makes this easy.

> Tap the Orange Plus Button (+) in the bottom right-hand corner.
> Tap Cattle Treatment.

> Pick the Remedy from your remedies cabinet - If it's not in your cabinet, simply tap on "Add new Treatment + Purchase" at the top and select or scan the remedy.

> Select the date the treatment was given.
> Fill out the rest of the treatment details such as administered by and the quantity given.
>Tap Next in the bottom right-hand corner.
> Select the animals you treated.
> Tap Save in the bottom right-hand corner.

Tip: When selecting which animals were treated, you can create custom groups and filters which makes selecting animals for batch dosing simple. To learn about setting up groups and filtering animals click here.

Recording Withdrawal Periods:
You must record withdrawal periods in order to be compliant. When the withdrawal periods are recorded in Herdwatch, Herdwatch calculates the milk and meat withholding period for you. 

If you record the withdrawal period during the remedy purchase then it will automatically flow down to the treatments. If the withdrawal periods are not pre-filled when you are recording a treatment, then it because you did not record them when creating the purchase. We recommend updating the purchase to include withdrawal periods. 

Treatment reason:
We recommend you always record the treatment reason, there is a drop list which contains all the most common treatment reasons however you can also record in the notes if it something very unusual. 

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