The vet has been out to your farm and is after treating a sick animal, the next step is to record the vet call-out and treatment. 

Tap the Orange Plus Button (+) in the bottom right hand corner.
> Swipe left
> Tap Vet Call Out
> Scan the remedy or select it from the list by typing the first few letters of the remedy name.

> Select Treatment Date, Select Unit of measure.
> Fill Out dose details (i.e. Administered By, Dose per Animal per Day, Withdrawal periods, Prescribing Vet etc)

>Tap Next
> Select the animal(s) treated.

> Review Remedy details and save 

Note: Confirming the quantity purchased will simply add it to you medicine cabinet in Herdwatch so you can track it for compliance reasons. 

Note: If you select a treatment course then Herdwatch will both calculate the total quantity prescribed by the Vet and also notify you to treat that animal each day until the treatment course has been completed.

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