When you sell animals privately you can apply for the movement certs on the spot using Herdwatch. 

Note:  From the 4th February 2019 

  • You cannot apply for movement certs for animals less than 10 days old. 

  • The movement cert is now only valid for 10 days, this has been reduced from 30 days. 

When you apply for a movement cert in Herdwatch,  you can send the movement cert number via a text to the buyer this completely eliminates the paperwork when selling cattle privately.
Alternatively the movement cert will also be emailed to you, which can be printed out, signed and posted to the department to complete the movement. 

Steps to follow applying for a movement cert

>Tap Compliance
>Tap The Orange Plus (+) Button in the bottom right hand corner
> Tap Movement Out
> Input Buyers Details (Name, Number, Herd Number)
                      Note: If you add the buyers herd number, they can notify the                                            movement electronically.                                                                    
>Enter the Sale Price
>Tap Next

> Select the animals been moved (Max ten animals per movement cert)
> Tap Save

> Tap Apply for cert now (You will need your Herdwatch 6 digit pin at this stage)
> Tap send cert to Buyer. ( This will create a message in your phone which you can then text to the Buyer)

What if the Buyer is not on Herdwatch?

If the buyer is not on Herdwatch, they can now set up a free-basic account which allows them to notify movements in on the spot. This means that the movement cert can be completed on the spot and all paperwork is eliminated for both you and the Buyer. 

To learn more about notifying movements into your herd tap here

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