Whether your using AI or a stock bull, you can record your pregnancy scan results into Herdwatch. You can use the results to manage feeding groups or decide what cows to cull because they are not in calf.

> Tap the Big Orange Plus Button(+) in the bottom right hand corner.
> Tap Pregnancy Scan.
> Enter the Scan Date

>Select the cow you want, you can easily switch between served animals and all breeding females using the Tabs.
> Enter in the Days in Calf and any other scan details (Note for cows already served the Days in Calf will be pre filled with the number of days between the serve date and the scan date for you.)
> Tap Save

> Select your next animal and repeat

>When all your scans have been entered Tap Done in the bottom right hand corner.

All scan results are sent to ICBF automatically cutting out on double data entry!


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