Farmers using Herdwatch have a shorter calving interval than the national average. You can shorten your calving interval and make breeding as easy as possible  by recording serves into Herdwatch. 

Breeding Notifications

Herdwatch will remind you when your cows are due to repeat through the Watchboard.
It will also calculate when Cows are "Due to calf"  and will notify you before they are due.  

How to records a serve

> Tap The Orange Plus Button (+) in the bottom right hand corner.
> Serve (AI / Natural).
> Select your serve Date.
> Add in details of the bull (AI/Stock Bull).
> Next
> Select the cow(s) that were served
> Tap Save

When you record a serve into Herdwatch we will even send this to ICBF for you cutting out on double data entry!

*Tip - Using AI on the farm learn how to add these bulls into Herdwatch by clicking here.

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