What is Herdwatch?

At Herdwatch, we help farmers, protect their income by taking the pain out of farm compliance paperwork and increase farm profitability through innovative solutions. 

Thousands of farmers use Herdwatch everyday to record farm events as they happen, on their smart phones, tablets or PC, anytime-anywhere. 

Herdwatch works across multiple devices meaning that all farm workers can have the app on their phones. We are fully approved by the Department of Agriculture and compliant with Bord Bia quality assurance guidelines.

Herdwatch works even without an internet connection, so you will never be without it. All information is backed up to the cloud when a connection is available, this means that your information will always be safe and confidential as data is synced across other devices as well. 

What can I actually do with this app?

  • Herdwatch will keep an up-to-date record of your herd as you buy or sell animals.

  • Record animal remedies for Bord Bia and Cross-compliance.

  • Calf Registration.

  • Full breeding management.

  • Manage animal movements (Compliance certificate application and notification).

  • Weight recording and calculating average daily gain. 

  • Record all your spraying events for the new SUD legislation. 

  • Record Dry-Offs. 

  • Record missing Tags.

  • Record Body Condition Scoring.

  • All your important information is sent to ICBF for you. 

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