You can use Herdwatch on as many different devices as you want at no extra cost! All you have to do is download the Herdwatch app from the Play/App store or by clicking here and just login following these steps:

  • Input the phone number used to set up the Herdwatch account.

  • Input the password that was text to you from Herdwatch (you can request a new one if you have lost this).

To get the Herdwatch app onto a laptop or PC click on the links below and follow the same login steps as above.

Click here to download Herdwatch for Windows PCs/Laptops 

Click here to download Herdwatch for Mac

When downloading, your browser/antivirus might try to block the download, you can ignore this and continue as the installer is completely safe. If you have any issue downloading or installing it, contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Please note: If you record a lot of information in Herdwatch and are using multiple devices, you should always tap “Backup & Sync” when you have finished recording. This ensures all your new records are sent to the cloud. This happens automatically when an internet connection is available but its good practice when using multiple devices. 

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