So you have been using Herdwatch to record your compliance events and now you have an audit coming up. Well the good news is the hard bit is over! ;) 

Whether its a Bord Bia audit or Department of Agriculture cross compliance inspection, you can easily get reports emailed to you that have everything the auditor or inspector wants to see. 

To get these reports follow these steps:

> Tap Reports
>Tap Select the inspection type
> Tap on the Audit Type
> Tap on the relevant report i.e  - Remedy Usage Report
> You can the input the time-frame for when you want the reports then tap Run

The report will be then emailed to you in a PDF format which can be shown on a PC or printed out for the Auditor.

**Important** - You must have Access to Agfood (Username, PAC & password) on the day of the Audit, or have your Herd Register printed from Agfood. This is CRITICAL as you may fail the audit unless you do this.

Tip- If you realise you've made a mistake with a treatment or any other record in Herdwatch don't worry. Records are not set in stone in Herdwatch and can be edited at any time. Click here to find out how

Download your Bord Bia SBLAS checklist here

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