Whether you are a dairy or suckler farmer getting your cows back in calf quickly is one of the key factors in leaving a profit in your pocket. Herdwatch allows you to easily identify which cows have shown no signs of heat since calving allowing you to see which cows might need some special treatment to ones that may need to be looked at.

How to check for non-cycling cows

> On the Home Screen of the app tap on Breeding
> Tap on No Heat since Calving
> This will show you all cows calved that have been recorded in Herdwatch more then 42 days ago and don't have a heat or serve recorded to them since then.

Tip: The number of days in which it displays non cycling cows is set to 42 days by default but can be easily changed in your breeding settings.

How to change your breeding settings:

>Tap Breeding
>Tap 3 dots button (Top Right)
>Tap Breeding Settings
> Customise the settings & tap Save

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