When heat observations or serves are recorded into Herdwatch, the app will remember the dates and use the Watchboard to remind you when they are due to  repeat. Herdwatch will send you a daily push notification when you have events on your Watchboard that needs attention. 

So how does the Watchboard work?

The Watchboard covers two main are for breeding records:

  1. Watch for Repeat - The Watch for Repeat view shows a list of cows who need to be watched for a possible repeat as they were served between 20 and 22 days ago.

  2. Heat Due Today - This view will show any animals that are suspected to be on heat from a heat observation task. This is mainly used in the weeks leading up to the breeding season start date.

The power of having this information in the Watchboard is that it will send you a daily reminder (in the morning) that there's cows due to repeat or due to be bullying so you never miss a chance to get your cows in calf again!

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