Herdwatch now has a continuous integration with ICBF. This means that ICBF information such as the below can now flow into your Herdwatch account automatically. 

  • AI technician serves

  • Animal history

  • Freezebrands

  • Weights

  • We will be adding more data in the coming weeks and months.

How do I give Herdwatch permission to access my ICBF data? 

> Open the Herdwatch app on a smartphone or tablet. You will not be able to connect to ICBF using a PC for security reasons.

> Swipe right on the home screen to access the side menu

>Tap Settings

>Scroll down on General

> Tap on the "Connect with ICBF" button. NOTE: If you are already connected, this button will not be displayed.

> Enter your ICBF Username and password into the portal.

> Set the toggle to Yes.

What if I don't have an ICBF account? 

The good news is that you do not need a paid ICBF Herdplus account to access this information in Herdwatch. You simply need to have ICBF log- in details, which are free. You may already have these if you were previously a member of Herdplus or if you are in the BDGP programme.

If you do not have log-in details, you can sign-up for Herdplus for free, this will give you access to this information in Herdwatch for free. Click on the below button to contact ICBF and get your log-in details.

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