Its easy to register movements into your herd and update BCMS using the Herdwatch app. Its simply a matter of scanning the bar-code on the passport using the Herdwatch app and telling Herdwatch to notify BCMS.

Herdwatch will pull down the animal details from BCMS (.ie Age, Sex, Breed, Dam, Sire) 

Steps to record an on-movement in Herdwatch

  • Tap Compliance

  • Tap Orange plus button

  • Tap Movement ON

Enter the Movement details

Select if you are moving animals back in or adding new animals

  • Enter the buyer name and holding number

  • Enter the price of the animal(s) here too

  • Tap next 

  • Tap create animal

  • Tap Scan Tag number

Notifying in multiple Animals: 

If you want to scan more than 1 passport in at a time then just tap yes when you asked do you want to create another animal. 

Notifying BCMS

When you have scanned in all your passports, 

  • simply select the animals you want to Register onto your Herd. (Note: They will turn orange when selected)

  • Tap Save


  • Enter your 6 digit pin

Animal Details

The animal details such as Age, Sex, Breed, Dam, Sire will come down from BCMS over the next 2-3 days.



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