If you have not yet tried to link Herdwatch to your Agfood account, please follow these steps first.

If you were unable to select Herdwatch on the Agfood website the most likely reason is that you are already connected to another software provider. In this case you first need to end the association with that provider.

Deselect your software provider by following these steps: 

  • Go to www.agfood.ie and log in using your username, PAC number & password (if you don't have an Agfood account or have lost your password, follow the instructions on the page)

  • Select "Animal Identification and Movements"

  • Click on "Interact with AIM using Farm Software Provider"

  • Tick the radio button to the left of the provider you see and then click on "END DATE SOFTWARE PROVIDER"

  • Tick box agreeing to T & C’s and enter your email in the 2 email boxes and click "SUBMIT".

  • Click "Confirm"

  • Please note:  Once you have end-dated your current software provider you must wait until the next day to log back into Agfood to select Herdwatch using the steps at the start of this article. 

This short video explains how to deselect your current software provider

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