Once you start recording all your remedies and treatments in Herdwatch, this is done in a fully compliant manner so you don’t need to re-enter them in the blue book or on any kind of paperwork.

However, in order to be fully compliant with the Department of Agriculture Herd Register and Movements legislation, you MUST register on the Agfood website for the Bovine Electronic Register. This removes the need to maintain your Herd book if you also use Herdwatch*.

Once this is done, it means the Agfood website will act as your official Herd register should you have a Cross Compliance inspection. This is not automatic but very easy to do, so make sure you do this.

In order to check that you have set Agfood as your Bovine Electronic Register, follow STEP 2 on this article.

*Note: If you have any written compliance records (remedies etc…) covering previous years, you must keep those until the regulatory time has elapsed (currently at least 5 years for bovine remedies). You also should take regular backups of your Herdwatch information by running the relevant Herdwatch reports which you can then archive to a secure location for safe-keeping.

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