It's easy to register movements off your holding and update BCMS using the Herdwatch app. It's simply a matter of selecting the type of movement (off or death) selecting which animal(s) moved and then notifying BCMS. 

Steps to record a Movement-Off in Herdwatch

  • Tap the Orange plus button
  • Tap Movement OFF

Enter the movement details

  • Select the Movement Date
  • Select the Movement Type
  • Fill in cost per animal or total cost of the animals
  • Tap Next

Select the animal(s)

  • Tap on the animals you want to move off
  • Tap Save

Notifying BCMS

  • Tap Send to BCMS NOW 
  • Enter your 6 digit pin

This will notify BCMS on the movement-off your holding and will also move the animal into the moved out list in Herdwatch.

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