In order to download your herd from APHIS and get started in Herdwatch you will need to enter you Government Gateway ID and password into Herdwatch. This will allow us to automatically download your herd from APHIS. 

What if I don't have a Government Gateway ID? 

If you do not have a Government Gateway ID then you will need to register for one. This can be done for free by clicking here and setting up an account.
Create a Government Gateway ID 

Once you have set up a Government Gateway ID and Password you will need to verify your identity at a DAERA Direct office. View list of DAERA direct offices here

Once this us done you will be able to enter your Government Gateway ID and password into Herdwatch and download your herd.

Can I use my NI Direct username and password? 

No, you will need to set up a government Gateway ID and password and use that. 

Can I call Herdwatch ?

Yes, the Herdwatch team are always on hand to help you through this process so of you need any help then simply call our helpline on 020 3773 2763

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