If you are still using the "old" Herdwatch app, that's ok, but just be aware it is going away soon - good news, it's not too late, but you need to get going on our new app now. Don't worry, it's free to upgrade, all your records will be there when you sign in, and best of all, it's easier to use and faster than ever.

To get our new "NextGen" app, click on the button below, or simply contact us if you need any assistance, we would be glad to help.

Why is this happening?
Herdwatch NextGen is replacing Herdwatch as the new app for managing your farm. It is the result of 2 years of Research & Development, and a €1 million investment by Herdwatch into the future of farming. Between October and the end of 2020, access to the old Herdwatch app will be removed permanently. Since we want you to experience the best farm management app, you can upgrade to Herdwatch NextGen for free by simply installing it and signing in with your current details - all your records will be there.

If you'd like more info on what makes NextGen leaner, meaner and faster, click here to visit our NextGen info page.

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