Before you begin recording your Spray Usage there are a few things you need to do first.

  1. Create your Paddock/Fields in Herdwatch

  2. Create your Sprayer in Herdwatch

  3. Record your Spray purchase

You can record either a single spray application or you can record a spray mix.

Recording your Spray Usage

Herdwatch was developed in line with the Sprays and Pecticess usage regulations in Ireland and the UK, so you can be assured that anything you record in Herdwatch is compliant with those bodies.

You can choose to apply your spray to either a field or a stored Crop.

Applying a spray to a field

> Tap Grass and Crops

> Tap Orange Plus button

>Tap Spray Application (Field)

>Pick the spray from you Cabinet or add a new one by tapping the orange plus button

> Enter the spraying details such as Date Applied, Crop, Sprayer, etc

Application Rate or Total spray used

You can choose to, either, enter the Application rate (i.e 2l/Ha) or Total spray used (i.e 10L)

  • Application Rate will automatically work out how much spray used based on how many hectares sprayed

  • Total Spray used will work out the application rate based on how many hectares sprayed

Note: You must complete all fields labelled with orange

> Pick your Fields

>Tap Save

Adding a Spray to a mix

You can add another spray to the mix by tapping Yes when asked to add another spray

How do I record spot Spraying?

You can record spot spraying simply just recording a spray usage and just picking the total quantity of spray used and picking the field that was sprayed.

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