To view your animal weights and make decisions based on ADG weight or Age

Go to the weights module

You have two main lists

All Weights

This shows you all the weight records for animals in Herd. You can view off herd animal weights by selecting that in the settings

Animals Weighed

This will show the animals in you herds that weights recorded for them. It will show the last weight recorded for that animal.

Analysing Weights by group

You can analyse your weights by group, smartlist or even quick filters. Simply tap on the filter and pick the criteria you want to sort by. Your options are

  • ADG Range

  • Weight Range

  • Weighing Date

  • Group

  • Breed

  • Gender

  • and many more

On the below screenshot I have filtered weights by a group "2020 Calves" from highest ADG to lowest.

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