You can now record all your Field and Paddock jobs and notes quickly in Herdwatch so you can keep all your farm records in one place.

You can record jobs such as:

  • Fertilizer Application

  • Grass Measurement

  • Lime Application

  • Slurry Application

  • Land Reclamation

  • Reseeding

  • Animal Turn-out

  • Silage Harvesting

  • Hedge Cutting

  • Rolling

To record a paddock Job

> Tap Grass & Crops

> Orange button

> Paddock Job/Note

> Select the Record Type (i.e. Fertilizer, Harvesting, etc.)

> Enter a description (i.e. Hay Bales)

> Enter a quantity if relevant

> Tap Next and Pick your paddocks

You can easily view what has been recorded on each Paddock by either

tapping on Paddock Records or viewing the Paddock history.

Getting a complete view of what happens in your fields has never been so easy!

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