Don't worry it's very easy, and you can get going in minutes on our free basic plan if you just want to "test drive" it.

How do I find the App?

Simply tap the below link on your compatible smartphone or iPad/tablet to go to the app store or search Herdwatch on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

How do I find my password?

A password will be texted to you when you sign up, but if you are already a member and have lost your password you can easily request a new one:

> Open Herdwatch

> On the login screen, select "Get New Password"

> Enter your mobile number and Herd Number or CPH Number.

A new password will then be texted to you

Can I get this on my PC or Mac?

Yes, you can install Herdwatch on your compatible PC or Mac computer/laptop by using the buttons below and installing the software on your device.

Download a PDF User Guide

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