We update our app on a very regular basis, and this article is where you will find all the details of recent releases, including new features and updates. Remember, if you have any suggestion, simply contact us or email us on support@herdwatch.com - we love feedback, good, bad or indifferent!

All our updates are free and usually happen automatically, but if you need to check what version you're on, just click on the menu icon at the top left of the Home Screen - The Herdwatch app version will be displayed at the bottom of the sliding menu.

Here are the release notes, most our releases also include performance and feature improvements and small fixes.

Version 7.4 - October 2022

Herdwatch (Cattle):

β˜… Livestock Purchases & Sales Improvements

β˜… Group summary available on Remedy Usage Report

β˜… Display serves from CIS (UK)

Flockwatch (Sheep):

β˜… Reports for Animal Mortality & Movements Off

β˜… Moved Out Smartlist

β˜… ADG per weighing report


β˜… Soil fertility input

Version 7.3 - August 2022

Herdwatch (Cattle):

β˜… EID reader integration for cattle

β˜… Historical livestock purchases & sales (UK)

β˜… Negative BVD status on animal (IE)

β˜… Heat detections from ICBF (IE)

β˜… No BVD result Smartlist (IE) - List of animals that have not yet received a negative result

β˜… Breeding performance dashboard improvements: freezebrand, calving interval, 100 days in calf rate

β˜… Ability to upload pdf/excel documents

Flockwatch (Sheep):

β˜… Movements off report

β˜… ADG per weighing report

β˜… Farm & Maps reports

β˜… EID Reader connection improvements

Version 7.2 - June 2022

Herdwatch (Cattle):

β˜… Breeding performance dashboard

β˜… Local weather with radar and 5-day forecast

β˜… Record multiple cattle treatments at same time

β˜… Improved Action Drawer with search function

β˜… Moves within business (Scotland)

β˜… Livestock Sales + Purchases

β˜… Create your own custom Smartlists

Flockwatch (Sheep):

β˜… Weight recording for sheep

β˜… Farm Maps now available in Flockwatch

β˜… Record Sheep Movement out

β˜… Repeat treatment for sheep

β˜… EID reader improvements

β˜… Local weather with radar and 5-day forecast

β˜… Improved Action Drawer with search function

Version 7.1 - May 2022

β˜… Flockwatch (for Sheep): new feed purchases & reports + print animal lists to PDF

Herdwatch (for Cattle):

β˜… Create your own custom Smartlists

β˜… Factory Performance Report

β˜… Add image to Bulk Tank records

β˜… Livestock Sales + Purchases (IE+NI)

β˜… Calf Registration improvements (IE+Scotland)

Version 7.0 - February 2022

β˜… Introducing Flockwatch - like Herdwatch, for sheep!

β˜… Export, print or share animal lists. Just tap the 3 dots at the top of most animal lists

β˜… Export, print or share your Farm Map using the 3 dots menu

β˜… "Grass & Crops" module renamed "Farm & Maps"

β˜… Farm Summary added to "Farm & Maps"

β˜… Breeding module tiles reordered for easier access

Version 6.8 - December 2021

β˜… Easily score and analyse your cows' Mobility, BCS, Abrasion and Cleanliness

β˜… Quickly add multiple remedy treatments for the same animals

β˜… View weight insights, breeding target weights and predicted weights

β˜… Hoof Care recording improvements & Reports

β˜… Ability to record Pre-Breeding Scans

β˜… Preparation for Bluetooth EID reader integration

Version 6.6 - September 2021

β˜… Mapping improvements: increased zoom on maps + ability to hide field labels

β˜… Bulk Tank Recordings: record bulk tank collections in the app

β˜… Dedicated Dry Cow/SDCT section within Management

β˜… Livestock Sales and Purchase section within Performance (IE only)

β˜… Dry Off now available as remedy treatment type

β˜… Collect ICBF Survey Data (IE)

Version 6.5 - August 2021

β˜… New - Farm Maps by Herdwatch - a simple way to create a map of your farm using satellite imagery.

β˜… New - Animal profile page design revamp.

β˜… New fields on an animals profile such as Breed percentage, Last serve date, Last calving date, Last dry off date, Days in herd and many more.

β˜… New Reports - Cows to Dry/Dried and Expected Calving Dates

β˜… Freezebrand field added to the per cow milk recordings table.

β˜… More Filters added to My Herd

β˜… Add a photo functionality added to Job/Note, Feed Purchases , Remedy Purchases and Cattle Treatments

Version 6.4 - July 2021

β˜… Cattle Price Calculator

β˜… Breeding Insights on Watchboard

β˜… Castration Recording

β˜… Ability to share animal profile + Herd Average Milk recordings

β˜… Remedy Stock Report / Paddock Reports

β˜… Pedigree Name and Breed % breakdown on per cow milk recordings table (ROI)

Version 6.3 - June 2021

β˜… New Performance section on Home screen, containing Weights, Milk Recordings and dashboards with herd average & cow level data

β˜… New Smartlists - Calved Cows, Dry Cows and Cullwatch

β˜… Animals in Groups now ordered by sort option selected in settings

β˜… 'Verified by Herdwatch' now available in Northern Ireland - What's this?

β˜… NI & GB Dry off Management optimizations in Watchboard & Smartlists

β˜… Pregnancy Scanning: you can now enter days in calf straight after selecting the animal scanned

Version 6.2 - April 2021

Performance Updates Including:

β˜… New filter design for all lists

β˜… New pop up design applied across the board

β˜… Weights/Scans/Bulk edit recording enhanced

Version 6.1.66 - January 2021

β˜… Ireland: Get 'Verified by Herdwatch' on DoneDeal.ie and share animal data with potential buyers to increase their value (Complete Plan) - What's this?

β˜… Dry off Management optimisations in Watchboard & Smartlists

β˜… Register multiple calves with Batch calf registration (Complete Plan)

Version 6.1.65 - November 2020

β˜… Add a picture to any animal or Job/Note record (Complete Plan)

β˜… Register multiple calves with Batch calf registration (Complete Plan)

β˜… Quickly add different purchase and sale prices to animals via Bulk Edit

β˜… New "Sort By" options in Breeding module

β˜… Quickly add different purchase and sale prices to animals via Bulk Edit

Version 6.1.63 - October 2020

β˜… Support for our new Complete plan and associated premium features
β˜… Record what you see by adding pictures to any Job/Note record (Complete Plan) - Click here for more details on this feature.
β˜… View weight records by date or by animal, and you can now hide weights for off-herd animals
β˜… Use a spray mix when recording a spray application
β˜… NI only: Support for APHIS 2 factor authentication

β˜… Access the Help Centre right from the action drawer
β˜… Ability to increase font size in Settings - Click here for more details on this feature

Version 6.1.61 - September 2020

β˜… Sheep withdrawals on medicine purchases

β˜… Pin your favourite smartlists to the top

β˜… Request FRS Farm Relief Services from the app (Rep. of Ireland)

β˜… Option to change default animal list description in settings

Version 6.1.59 - August 2020

β˜… Create records/jobs/notes for your paddocks & fields

β˜… Age Range Smartlists

β˜… Dam & Sire Pedigree names on calf registration form

β˜… Filters can now be applied to the groups you create

β˜… Last weight now appears on the Fattening Animals Smartlist

Version 6.1.57 - July 2020

β˜… New: Edit multiple animals in one easy step using the β€œbulk edit” functionality

β˜… New: Filter your animals by weight

Version 6.1.55 - June 2020

β˜… Initial release of our new NextGen app - all Herdwatch features and regions supported, same as the old app, but "Leaner, Meaner, Faster"

β˜… Click here for more information on our NextGen platform




Version 1.0 - February 2014

β˜… The very first Herdwatch app released - the start of an amazing journey with and for farmers!

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