Have you a list of calves awaiting to be registered and want to register them all in one go? Well now you can. Available on the Herdwatch Complete plan and above you can now register a batch of calves with your relevant department in one go.

To do so you will first need to have created calves that need to be registered as normal, then when your happy all there details are correct and you want to proceed with registering them follow the steps below

> Press the big orange plus button

> Tap on “Calf

> Tap “Register saved calves

> Tap on the big orange “Batch Register” at the top of the list

> Select the calves you want to register. *Note – we will only show you a list of calves that have not yet been registered and have all the required information needed to be registered.

>Once you tap “Save” and enter your Herdwatch pin the calves you have selected will be sent to your relevant department to be registered.

It can take up to 20 minutes for the batch calf registrations to be processed in full with the department. Once the calf registrations have been processed, we will notify you the result via 3 different mediums.

1. Email

2. Push Notification

3. In-app message

If there was a problem with any calf registration that was part of the batch registration the calves will return to the Calves to Register list and we will let you know on the email and in app message why those calves weren’t able to be registered.

While a calf has been sent away in a batch registration but has not yet been processed by the department the calf will have the following status “Registration in Progress” when a calf has this status you will not be able to edit it.

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