The Animal purpose will change what animals appear on lists such as the Watchboard Fattening Alerts or your Cows not Served lists.

There are four animals purpose you can pick:

  • Dairy

  • Suckler

  • Cull

  • Fattening

What do the different Animal Purposes do?


This will add your animals to the Dairy Animals Smartlist. If you have both Dairy and Suckler Cows, it's a convenient way of separating the two groups of Cows out.


This will add your animals to the Suckler Animals Smartlist,


This will remove female animals from the breeding lists. It's very handy for marking Cull Cows, these animals will not appear in your fattening Alerts on your Watchboard.


This will add animals to your Fattening Animals Smartlist and remove them from the breeding views. You will receive alerts for these animals based on your Fattening Age Alerts. This can be adjusted in the Watchboard settings

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