In this section, I will go show you how to create a map of your farm using the new Farm Mapping on Herdwatch.

> Tap on Grass & Crops.

> Tap on Plus Sign.

> Select Paddock.

From here the maps will open for you on the screen

> Click on the Mapping tool in the top right-hand corner.

> Draw an outline of the field you would like to create.

> Click edit if you would like to adjust the outline of the field.

> Select save.

Once the Map is created you can enter the

  • Select what colour you would like the field to appear in your maps

  • Field/Paddocks Name,

  • Field Number

  • LPIS.

    Note: The area of the field is automatically created from the mapping of the field but you can manually adjust it if you think its different.

    Tap Save once your Field/Paddock is created

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