Did you know you can easily upload your kill sheets to Herdwatch and we automatically extract the key information such as price, price per kg, grade and dead weight from those documents and add it to your animal profile.

NOTE: This is only available to members on our complete plan level.

Kill sheets can be added to Herdwatch in the following way

  • Tap the big orange plus button

  • Tap Job/Note Picture

  • Add a description

  • Tap Add Image and select your file (one that includes the grade, dead weight and price) and set the Image type as Kill sheet

  • Tap Next and Save. Tip* - There's no need to select animals on this record we will automatically link up the animals for you.

Below is the current list of factory kill sheets that we can process straightway.


Ashbourne Meats



Dawn Meats

Foyle Meats

Martin Jennings


Liffey Meats

Linden Foods

Slaney Meats

What if my factory or abattoir is not on the list?

If your factory is not on the list don't worry. Add your kill sheets to the app and any new kill sheets for factories that are not currently supported will be identified and added within a couple of weeks.

I have a PDF version of my Killsheet how do I add this to Herdwatch?

If your abattoir sends you a PDF of your kill sheets you can upload this to Herdwatch using the same process. Just select file instead of photo.

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